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Who are we? - MArtin tries a possible answer

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What a long strange trip...

As a kid I wanted to become a knight - at least, when Ivanhoe was the first serial I was allowed to watch on TV.
My next, somewhat more realistic occupational aspiration was to become a physician.

Variously interested but lazy, my school notes didn't enable me to start studying at once. It was the time of the "numerus clausus", which allowed only the very best pupils to study medicine.

After filling 4 years with the obligatory military service and an education as a banker, I was suddenly offered two opportunities for medical studies:
One in Togo/ Africa, the other in Paris, France.

Togo was very tempting, but not as much as my Parisien girlfriend.
Finally, after having studied in Paris for a year, I got the long awaited place at a German university.

A scholarship offered me the opportunity to attend several months of practical training in Australia.

The stay in Australia boostered my yearning to see foreign countries and cultures - it didn't diminish ever since.

But the following years didn't allow me to live up to it:
' 86 approbation,
' 89 doctorate,
' 92 emergency - physician ,
' 93 specialisation in general medicine,
' 98 examination in psychotherapy,
' 99 specialisation in "physical and rehabilitative medicine".

Until April 2000, I worked in a hospital as a senior doctor predominantly in the field of internal medicine and psychotherapy.

Easter 2000 Astrid and I sold our belongings and started traveling around the world.

Since then we try to barter various skills for food and accomodation -
just to keep traveling.

That's why we are always looking for partners.

MArtin, when we still owned our house

Journey from Ibarra to
San Lorenzo, Ecuador
on the train's roof

For three weeks, a sock covered my left arm with it's worst sunburn ever.
Don't leave your arm on the window's frame, when you travel by bus in the Philippines...

Occasionally, the sun even shone on our terrace in Germany


My passions:

- Humans:
By far the most fascinating aspect for me on our worldtrip is to establish contact and exchange with very different humans, cultures, mentalities and life-styles.

- Music:
Who, as a student, has the means to buy all the music he wants to listen to? - I hadn't.
But AUDIO, Germany's biggest music- and Hifi- magazine gave me the chance to write reviews for them - in exchange for records.
That was a great deal for me and I became an enthusiastic collector and lover of a wide range of contemporary music. My enthusiasm culminated, when I saw my first Grateful Dead- show in Germany...

- Computers &

My fascination for computers startet right after buying an Apple IIe to help me write my thesis. But it was only after leaving that I got in touch with the internet and web publishing.
I should have started earlier, as the lack of ressources on the road gave me a long time of frustrating trial-and- error- learning.
Although it's not completely over yet, I already have sufficient PC- and Web knowledge to teach it to others in exchange for food and accommodation...

- Photography & Filming:
were early hobbies promoted by my father.
1st cameras: Vito II and a Super-8 Zoomatic.
Since 2000 increasing knowledge in editing digital pictures, videography and equipment.

- Scuba Diving:
Discovered as a new universe when I was 16 years old, cultivated as an (expensive) hobby on vacations.
Since our Dive Master training on Koh Tao, we occasionally also worked as DMs for food and accommodation.

- Travels:
So far my backpack traveled me to the following countries:
Italy, England, GDR, France, Malta, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Algeria, Tunesia, Israel, Egypt, USA, Canada, Ecuador, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Australia, Barbados, St. Lucia, Dominica, Maldives, New Zealand, Tonga

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