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Hello ,
we have experienced good times and even miracles within the deadhead- and jamband-scene for many years now.
The nicest experience imaginable for us would be to join a jamband's crew for several weeks on a concert tour.
Hopefully this letter helps to make this dream of ours reality one day:

We are two German doctors traveling around the world since April 2000.

On our way around the globe we look for partners to barter our skills for food and accomodation, which in fact made the length of our journey possible in first place.
This website documents some of our travel experiences since our departure in April 2000.
We'd love to round it off with a report from a jamband's tour, which is probably our most attractive barter object for you.

What else could we do to help a band on tour?

Document the tour in digital pictures, which can be uploaded on an existing website at once. Alternatively store them on CD for later use e.g. in a planned website or video of the band.
We carry a digital video camera and can cut and copy short scenes for a band's video clip if another laptop is provided.
Watch some of our video clips in highly reduced quality here.
Healing and Coaching:
We are both medical doctors and psychotherapists.
We are not licensed to practice in the US! Still our expertise could prove valuable in helping bands to cope with the day-to-day physical and mental stresses of being on the road.
Web publishing:
Update our (and the band's) website while touring and/or translate the band's website into German.
Technique and Computers:
MArtin has some technical knowledge, knows how to install PCs and how to work with a variety of computer programs.
Astrid is a good cook and we both like to take care of children (not predominantly, please ).
Write German Reviews:

MArtin used to write music reviews for AUDIO, the biggest German HiFi- and Music Magazine. Maybe you need German written reviews of concerts - for web or print publishing?
Languages spoken:

We speak English, French and German fluently, as well as a bit of Spanish.

Link to germanheads.de  Other skills  Link to germanheads.de

We carry more equipment than cloths with us, so touring in a warm climate would be appreciated. Possible destinations include USA, Latin American or the Caribbean, as we travel close-by at the moment.
Our visa for the USA expire three months after entry.

We don't have any direct contacts to American bands yet.
So we hope it’s a good idea to upload this page and ask kindly for your help:

If you know a jamband that might be interested, please forward the URL of this page.

If you are not the right person to ask but know of a better one, or a better way how we could realize this longstanding dream – please tell us.

You're welcome to ask more details, if needed.

Thank you, all the best
Astrid & MArtin


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