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Hi Guys !

Arun Sawhad ! (Thailand)
Selamat Pagi - OK-La ? (Malaysia)
Hello Ma’am, Hello Sir ! (Philippines)
G’Day Mate ! (Australia)
Kia Ora ! (New Zealand)
Malo e lelei - Bye! (Tonga)
!Holà! (Puerto Rico, Venezuela)
Alright!? - Yaah Maahn! (Barbados)
Bon Bini ! (Bonaire & Curacao)

Sa Ka Fait? Mola! Mola! (Dominika)

This is mainly thought to be a catch-up-with-you-again- page...
In case we didn't exchange adresses, they got lost, the flow took us in different directions, or you just dropped in by chance to check out... or whatever.

So if we have met somewhere we’d like to keep in contact with you and give you access to some more pictures we have taken while spending some time together - wherever in the world this has happened.
If you’re not interested in mail or pictures, you’re more than welcome to say Hi in our guestbook, check out the weltreiseforum, or drop us a mail.
If you happen to know a possible partner for us - please tell him about our website!

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