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Your click has been counted - thank you for being interested in a continuation of this chapter of worldtrip.de!
(As we cannot illustrate all chapters of our written travel diary for the internet, we have to choose which chapters to continue. Your vote helps us to decide. Thank you for your interest and cooperation! )

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Much of our travel time is spent being helpful in exchange for accommodation and food.

We are rarely allowed to work in the many countries we travel - and if, we mostly barter our skills in exchange for food and accommodation. That can be quite time consuming and doesen't even cover the costs of this website, which is mainly uploaded from internet cafes.
We'd rather be designing new chapters, live the adventures we will talk about or replace old parts of the needed equipment.
If you want to support us and faciliate a regular update of our travelsite, the PayPal-Button below shows you a possible way to do so.
If you write your request on as subject on a PayPal-mail, it will count 100 votes per donated Dollar.

Other methods of support are pointed out in Partners.
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