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unique MYANMAR car permits to drive/travel OWN car (Gelesen: 2921 mal)
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unique MYANMAR car permits to drive/travel OWN car
08.07.05 um 13:54:36
DON’T miss THIS UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY for beautiful Myanmar: join us NOW
we obtained exclusive CAR PERMITS for max. 4 cars!!!!!
ANYONE interested to drive your car with ours from India thru MYANMAR ex-Birma to Laos & Vietnam ?
When: from October to December or more
What: from Calcutta (1 à 10/10/5, via SIKKHIM (10days) into MYANMAR (3 to 4 weeks): we HAVE OBTAINED exclusive PERMIT for up to 4 cars!!!!!!! then via Southern CHINA (1 week) into LAOS, then crisscross Laos/Cambodia/Vietnam, and if interested, you could like to continue with us TO Thailand, then Malaysia and all of the islands of Indonesia  (ALSO unique!!!!) till MAY 2006 to ship from EAST Timor to Australia.

We, Lucas Brandt (Belgium) and Jeanne (Dutch) are making a worldtrip in our own camper car, Toyota 4X4.
* Jeanne is a former civil servant, of Dutch nationality
* Lucas is a former teacher English and consultant marketing communications, aged 52, of Belgian nationality
we travel since 9/2004 in this car to cover in 80 months the world visiting 2*80 countries in 3*80.000km see [Member-Link]  Bitte Einloggen oder Registrieren
From 9/4 till 4/5 we traveled from Brussels to India (Chennai), and are now- after having flown back home- preparing the next year trip taking us all over the South East Asia from 9/5 to 5/6.
Our itinerary 9/5 to 5/6 will be:
September- October: from Chennai via Calcutta for LATEST DEPARTURE 10.10.5 into Sikkim, visiting this (SUPERB nature!!)province for max.  2 weeks
October-November: from India via Myanmar (3 weeks for which we already obtained the exclusive permits whit all the highlights) and China Southern Province driving around for tourism 5authentic villages, super temples, great nature canyons, rivers, rock forest…) in this region during max. 2weeks, to Laos
(November)-December: Laos, Vietnam
December-January:  Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand
January-February: Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia
February-April or May: Indonesia (Sulawesi, Sumatra, Java, Bali, Lombok and again EXCLUSIVE further east to East-Timor, where shipping ( to Australia.)

URGENT REPLY NECESSARY in view of VISA, PERMITS (Chian, Myanmar, Sikkhim), GUIDES (compulsory in Myanmar and China etcetra.
*** ONLY when you can make it in time to CALCUTTA : deadline OCTOBER 10 !!!!
(via Turkey, Iran, Pakistan: WE DID IT last year without ANY PROBLEMS AT ALL!!! This can be done in 4 to 5 weeks; else SHIP your car  to Mumbay, else CHENNAI else directly CALCUTTA from Hamburg, Antwerp, Le Havre (12 days minimal, and fly over)
*** only with RELIABLE CAR 4X4 with ALL PAPERS incl; INTERNATIONAL CARNET DE PASSAGE (from yoru Automobile Club), international driver licence, good tires and excellent mechanical condition!!(so please NO landRovers)!, GOOD (team) & adventure spirit and POSITIVE ATTITUDE (hey guys, this is REAL adventure, so sudden things can happen);  and good (repatriation) insurance for yourselves, medical OK (compulsory visit the Institute for TROPICAL diseases for vaccinations at least 2 weeks before!!)
****** costs of guides etc. shared; (we are independent travelers, and just wish to share this UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY with others of same spirit at costprice: count on rough estimate1500€;/car ((exclusive of petrol &  individual lodging/eating /…. (we have a campercar 4X4 so are independent of hotels)
****** BEWARE:  WE DEPEND on the authorities, to whom we are grateful to have given us the authorization which is for China rare, and for MYANMAR   :  … SIMPLY   EXCLUSIVE!!!!!!!!, so : sorry, but we cannot change the program for Myanmar nor for China!!!!. Program available upon request WHEN really  INTERESTED.

SO… HURRY UP , make up your minds, prepare your car and JOIN US into this FANTASTIC  EXCLUSIVE TRIP!!!!!
Lucas Brandt and Jeanne, Brussels,  Belgium:
We make it a world tour, having already driven and passed Iran, Pakistan and India  now all of SouthEast Asia; our purpose is to continue into Australia, also Americas, also Africa.
About the car: we have a good and powerful  Toyota 4*4 LandCruiser, Belgium registered,  a valid CARNET de passage (with valid international driver licences for both of us), and  extensive 4x4experience and don’t mind too much mud, desert, jungle, heath ... since it is all equipped with sandplates, winch, a camper build-up in which we can sleep , eat, cook, containing 150l water, 2 sparewheels etcetera.
Email : months80ww@yahoo.com

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