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Mitsubishi Montero Camper for sale in July 2015, Colombia (Gelesen: 1502 mal)
Themen Beschreibung: Camper-Verkauf Kolumbien: Mitsubishi Pajero Camper ab Juli 2015
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Mitsubishi Montero Camper for sale in July 2015, Colombia
03.05.15 um 00:19:09
Mitsubishi Pajero (Montero in spanish) long version 2,5 l Turbodiesel, 5 Gear manualshift and* 4x4 with low range (2H-4H-N-4L), automatic free hubs, consumption about 10 litres/100 km, diesel is cheaper than gasoline in South America . Model 1988, 436.000 km, Paraguaian plates. Motor rebuilt at 400.000 km, new Turbo, new clutch.

Comfortable bed 1,90 x 1,40 meters reorganized in 5 minutes, so that the backseats can be used completely. 
Luggage can be placed under the bed in plastic boxes or on the stable Baggage roof carrier. 
Darkened rear and side windows so nobody can look inside to the bed at night.
1 Replacement tire.
Fire extinguisher.
Spare parts 
2 extra fuel tanks

Camping gear:
3 warm sleeping bags.
Double stove kitchen
5Kg. gas tank.
Cooking equipment.
Water tank.

The car brings you everywhere (Cotopaxi National Park, through the jungle, muddy terrain, up to more than 5,000m, etc.) This Model is widely spread in South America so you can buy spare parts or find mechanics who know that car everywhere, no electronics in the car.

Price 4.500 Dollar 
To sell by the end of July in Colombia

If you are interested contact me via e-mail:
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