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Verkaufe 4x4 Mitsubishi Delica L400 / in Kolumbien Oktober 2016 (Gelesen: 1835 mal)
Themen Beschreibung: Mitsubishi Delica 4x4 / 6500USD / For sale in October in Colombia
Manuel N
WR-F Novize


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Verkaufe 4x4 Mitsubishi Delica L400 / in Kolumbien Oktober 2016
23.07.16 um 20:04:17
Hi all,

We bought this super equipped car in Chile and we are currently on the way to Colombia. The car is perfect for two person but it is possible to use it with three as well. We do it at the moment in Argentina.
We would like to sell the car in Colombia end of October. The city like Bogota or Cartagena depends on the buyer and the date. Another option would be to buy the car in Canada as it is a Canadian car and therefore registered in British Columbia. If this is the case we would ship the car via a container to Canada.

It is a grey Delica with an automatic Gearbox (+OverDrive) and it has a switchable 4x4, with a 2,8l Turbo-Diesel engine which needs around 10l per 100km. It is a perfect van for a South America trip or to travel up north. In South America there are a lot of beautiful wild campsites, which you can easily reach because the Delica has a nice clearance and with its switchable 4x4 you can go everywhere. It has this awesome Crystal Light Roof, so when you have the electric curtains open on a clear night you can look at the stars.
As Diesel is mostly around 30% cheaper than gasoline, it is cheaper travelling around with it, and also Diesel engines have less electronic than gasoline cars, so there are less complicated sources of error.
The Delicas are known to be very reliable and if something has to be repaired it is easy to find parts for it, as they have the same parts as the Mitsubishi Montero/Pajero, which are very common in Central and South America. The car is a RightHandDrive and has a great size, you are not too big or too small, so you can drive and park everywhere and nobody can see that you are sleeping inside,

Registered in B.C. Canada (There are 3 options to hand over the car)
~210 000km by time of sale
~35 000km for the Firestone Destination-AT tires
+ Oil/filter changed every 5000km
+ Carbine-Plus alarm installed
+ Right Hand drive (not an issue in most countries)
+ Windows are Limousine Black tinted
+ Three seats (rear one can be turned 360°)
+ Comfy bed to sleep for 2 persons (we did it with 3)
+ coach spring for rear tires
+ fog light
+ awning

6500USD (all equipment inclusive and the car in Canada is much more expensive)

Included is:
- Thule Box Frontier ES
- ARB-Awning: 2,5mx2,5m
- Second battery + Inverter (Cigarette plug, USB-port, US-standard socket)
- Black and Decker jump starter to get the battery loaded without another car
- new Spare Tire
- Lots of different tools
- Compressor
- Towrope
- Jack
- Fire Extinguisher
- Jumper Cable
- Steeringlock
- 10l & 25l Diesel Container
- Shovle
- 2x Camping chairs
- Table
- 2 Burner electric stove (110V), 2 Burner gas stove
- electr. Coleman cooler
- 3 sets of dishes
- Pan and Pots
- Italian Coffee Machine
- Dutch-Oven
- Portable Potty
- Ventilator
- Boxes to store your stuff
- 17l Pipe for showering or as a watersource
- Extension cables
- 2x Fishing poles + Fishing gear
- 2 Warning triangles + 2 High Visibility Vests
- Matress+Pillows+Wool Blanket+Bedding

If you want to explore the Panamericana up north or go south the car/van has everything you need. If you are interested or you have any questions (or want to see more pictures), you are more than welcome to contact us via mail at songokum|at|gmx|dot|de.

Julia and Manuel
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