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Abgeschickt von MArtin am 04 Januar, 2002 um 05:04:53:

Antwort auf: Koh Tan von Andres from ARGENTINA am 03 Januar, 2002 um 15:23:45:

Hi Andres
Thanks for the vote! :)
We don't think it would be a problem to camp at Koh Tan, especially after having talked with one of the inhabitants or resorts.
As you don't read german I might repeat, that there are no good swimming beaches at Koh Tan, as most is coral. Buy a mosquito net before arrival at Koh Tan (Bangkok)!
The island itself is a secret - that's why you don't find better info than our webpage ;-)
Have fun & maybe write us a follow- up ?
Astrid & MArtin


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