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Abgeschickt von Andres am 04 Januar, 2002 um 15:26:27

Antwort auf: Re: Koh Tan von MArtin am 04 Januar, 2002 um 05:04:53:

Hey Martin!
i know that the island is very isolated. as i understood, there are some bungalows there. Do you have their name? or the owners´name?
thanx for the advice of the mosquito net. we will stop by BKK before Koh Tan. Can you buy it on the airport? or in Koh Samui? i guess so..
So, are there any beach with sand there in Koh Tan? or its only rocky beaches? do you have any good beach in Samui? we are looking for peace.
Martin, how much did you pay for the longtail boat from Koh Samui to Tan? Did you go to the Northern Islands like Koh Pha gnan and Koh tao?
well any good tip is well appreciated.
danke danke!!

: Hi Andres
: Thanks for the vote! :)
: We don't think it would be a problem to camp at Koh Tan, especially after having talked with one of the inhabitants or resorts.
: As you don't read german I might repeat, that there are no good swimming beaches at Koh Tan, as most is coral. Buy a mosquito net before arrival at Koh Tan (Bangkok)!
: The island itself is a secret - that's why you don't find better info than our webpage ;-)
: Have fun & maybe write us a follow- up ?
: Astrid & MArtin


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