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Abgeschickt von MArtin am 08 Januar, 2002 um 11:42:39

Antwort auf: Re: Koh Tan von Andres am 04 Januar, 2002 um 15:26:27:

Hey Andres,
most of your questions about Koh Tan are already answered in our Koh Tan travel diary. The 500 B spent on Koh Samui from Nathon to Thong Krut and Thong Krut to Koh Tan were 200 for Taxi, 300 for longtailboat.
Nearly all beaches on Koh Tan can be coral, depending on the season's sand movements. There's far more sand in Koh Pha Ngan where you can find very deserted sandy beaches in the north east. Koh Pha Gnan's south can be quite crowded, especially at fullmoon.
Koh Samui is full of sandy beaches - and tourists.
For Koh Tao, see our Koh Tao dive diary.

Good luck,
Astrid & MArtin


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