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Abgeschickt von Astrid und MArtin am 05 September, 2000 um 22:05:12

Here we'd like to create a multilingual Forum in order to
- stay in contact with you more easily,
- enable contacts between you,
- exchange hints and Travel- Infos,
- keep talking about things, that touched us at the time and are still in our minds...
there's quite a lot of possibilities, how this forum can be used- let's see how it develops and where the journey goes.

Astrid & MArtin


Das worldtrip-Reiseforum wird als Weltreiseforum.de (WRF) fortgeführt. Willst Du Dich in der Weltreise-Community beteiligen, lies bitte zuerst die WRF-Gebrauchsanweisung

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