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Abgeschickt von MArtin am 14 Januar, 2001 um 08:54:02

Antwort auf: Working as as divemaster von Nick Buskirk am 11 Januar, 2001 um 22:35:57:

Hi Nick,
just do it like we did:
Choose a place and a diveshop where you ould like to learn & work. Do Rescue & MFA. If you get hooked to diving, take your time for the DM- Course. Most of the diveshops don't mind at all, if you "need" much more dives than the necessary 60. You will end up staying with the diveshop a longer time, have your diving (nearly) for free by helping out, guiding fundivers etc.
Once you completed the DM, it might become difficult to find a job and you won't get well paid anyway.

take care,



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