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Abgeschickt von Nochurch am 03 Mai, 2002 um 15:58:31

Recently I've started a travel poll on my site, but up to now I do not have enough results to have reliable stats. Are there people who would like to contribute to / complete my poll?


You can also send a mail to the following address:

1. Favorite country (e.g. Myanmar, Peru, Australia, etc.)
2. Worst country (e.g. Nicaragua, Bangladesh, France, etc.)
3. Favorite city (e.g. Bangkok, Sydney, Rio, etc.)
4. Worst city (e.g. San Jose, Los Angeles, Cairo, etc.)
5. Favorite attraction (e.g. chinese wall, machu picchu, angkor, etc.)
6. Favorite type of turism (e.g. culture, nature, hiking, etc.)
7. Favorite type of holiday (e.g. backpacking, roundtrip, fly-drive, etc.)

Many thanks


Das worldtrip-Reiseforum wird als (WRF) fortgeführt. Willst Du Dich in der Weltreise-Community beteiligen, lies bitte zuerst die WRF-Gebrauchsanweisung

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