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Abgeschickt von Jorge am 16 Juni, 2002 um 10:57:27


My name is Jorge, and i work in an academy here in the south of Spain. This is for all people that would like to have an international work experience in Spain.
You have the possibility of taking part in an educative project called "OASIS-PraFor", in which we offer a miscellaneous set of activities, and the possibility of have a course/practise/volunteer within this project. This is an International Educational Project to aimed to young people who is founded in the scholastic-labour transit, so you must like education and help about dificulties to have a good transit to work world.
All the works will be publicated in http// (important educative portal in Spanish) and ASL: (free Spanish tutorial in english), so it can be used by all the education community world.

How the Project is sponsored the prices are really low!.

If you want to have a internship/volunteer experience in Spain, this is your Project!!.

More information about us and the Project here:

If you are interested write me to as soon as possible and we will send you more details.


Jorge Garcia


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