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Abgeschickt von Bettina am 09 Juni, 2001 um 17:28:17

Antwort auf: About Us And Our Guestbook von MArtin am 16 Mai, 2001 um 14:04:13:

hi you two...

i was just surfing the net today, when i felt that i am not concentrated on my studies anymore. am going to be a quaified teacher in three weeks time and by the way, i am from switzerland. it is freezing cold and wet at the moment. but lovely greetings instead of this and compliment to your fantasic homepage.
well, am going on world tour in september for one year and i can hardly wait anymore.
may i ask, how you manage to be so long on move? money, visa, flight tickets, work at home...?!

anyway, would be nice to hear from you and i wish you all the best on your travelling. will keep an eye on your internetsides, cause they are extremly great.

love from lake constance in switzerland Bettina


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