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Abgeschickt von MArtin am 14 Juni, 2001 um 04:09:58

Antwort auf: Re: About Us And Our Guestbook von Bettina am 09 Juni, 2001 um 17:28:17:

Hi Bettina,
thank you for the compliments ! :)

Actually, we couldn't manage our journey with our jobs and home - that's why we quit and sold everything. Just like you, we wanted to go travelling for one year only, but decided to keep travelling, when we realized, that all the mentioned problems weren't unsolvable. We get visas just before entering the counties, buy the cheapest tickets available and try to be helpful at the places we're staying at to cut costs.
We don't know yet, how long this might go on yet.
Good luck for your exams - and maybe meet you on the road ?


Astrid & MArtin


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