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Abgeschickt von MArtin am 14 Juni, 2001 um 04:40:05

Antwort auf: virus/diseases von April McClure am 14 Juni, 2001 um 04:11:30:

Hi April,
viruses are not very likely to be transmitted by scuba gear, whereas it's not at all excluded that bacteria (e.g. TB) stay in mouthpieces and tubes.
But they surround us virtually anywhere anyway. I wouldn't be afraid of TB so much, as it's not easily transmitted to healthy, well nourished persons. But we think to have seen throat infections transmitted by not well rinsed regulators with rests of warm water of the day before. There are antiseptic solutions available, but no diveshop seems to be using them.
We'd think, that well rinsed and dried regs don't represent a big risk. We used hudreds of them on our journey and still feel quite well ;-)
If you find more infos surfing the net please let us know !



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