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"I've been there":
If you already traveled there you probably remembered some details of your stay while reading our travel report or looking at the pictures.
Maybe you found something is missing or wrong? Or can you contribute an update?
Whatever comes in your mind - if you write it in the Worldtrip- Forum, it will be useful for other travellers on their round the world trip!
Just as the entries of other globetrotters will help you with the preparation of your next holiday trip.
The Forum's language can be switched to english and it even allows you to link to pictures in order to illustrate your thread!

"I wanna go there":
Then you have probably already gathered some more information or links which could be useful for other travellers preparing the same trip.
It would be a welcomed acknowledgement of our work here if you shared some of your knowledge by writing a thread into the Worldtrip- Forum.
The Forum is based on fairness and mutuality and it grows exclusively on helpfulness among travelers.
Values, that you will appreciate
when preparing your next trip!
You can change the Forum's language to english easily - don't worry to write your thread in english - even if it's surrounded by german threads.

"What are good travel Tips for other globetrotters?"
Everything becomes interesting when you travel - especially when you are on a long trip around the world: Local transport, flights, tickets, ferries, accommodation, people, thoughts or observations.
What were your impressions of your travel destination - did you make any good / bad experiences?
Can you contribute a good link - a recommendation or a warning?
Don't hesitate to write your remarks, even if they seem out of context - the Forum's search engine or Google will deliver the information to the one who looks for it.

"Where should I write it?"
It's easy to orientate yourself in the Worldtrip- Forum, by it's main categories.
If your entry relates directly to our travel diary, the best place to write your comment is here.

Thank you in the name of our growing travel community that is spread all over the world!

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